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Social Security Number Trace

A Social Security Number Trace is an important step in conducting employment background checks. The Social Security Number Trace is not the same as E-Verify. It reveals names associated with a Social Security number, past and present addresses. The Social Security Number Trace is an essential element in researching criminal history. 

If you plan on doing a criminal check for your pre-employment screening or on your current employees ideally you would first do a Social Security Number Trace. This will aid you when you do a county search, as the Social Security Number Trace will give you the county and address that the employee lived. 

Why is this important? Well if an employee committed a crime in a community that was located in X county than there is a strong likelihood the employee will fail to report that address where she or he lived. By using this service you get a printout of all known addresses thereby giving you the tools to do a proper criminal background check.

The SSN trace verifies your employment candidate's Social Security Number (SSN), past and present addresses and possible aliases or maiden names used. This search establishes the time frame of when the social security number (SSN) was issued. The SSN Trace shows the state it was issue.

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